Good Morning Mega Runners! We are 1 day away from Mega Run 2020!

We wanted to remind everyone that seat belts are not optional at Mega Run. This includes even the small rides to and from bathrooms or campsite to campsite.

As many of you heard, 2 weeks ago, the offload community lost one of our own due to a rollover when not wearing a seat belt. We do not want this happening at Mega Run. Please please please think and click your seat belts in.

Please note, if you are seen not wearing your belts, you will be stopped by event staff or park personnel. If stopped again, we will be asked you to leave. Your safety is very important to us.

Also, we want to remind everyone the tech inspection protocol to participate in events. - Fire Extinguisher within reach - Battery Secured down - Seat Belts/Harness

Thank you, Mega Run Event Staff

Mega Run is happy to announce JNC Consultant Pharmacists as the Obstacle course sponsor this year! They have been coming as participants for years and this year they are helping in a huge way!

JNC Consultant Pharmacists provide medication auditing services in nursing homes throughout Texas. The number of medications an individual takes increases exponentially as they age. Consultant Pharmacists have a role in reviewing medications for safety and necessity and identify when adjustments can reduce the risk of negative outcomes for their patients. We provide training for all of our facilities in the areas of medication administration and storage, federal and state regulations for pharmacy services, infection control, and other areas.

If you feel they could provide a service to your local nursing home or loved one please contact them @ www.TxRxConsultant.com

Thank you!

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